6W-Micro Gear Motor

YUSIN small speed regulating motor has the characteristics of small size, low noise and large output torque, power: 6W~250W, speed: 1250/1550rpm, reduction ratio: 3~250S, used in packaging, printing, food, textile, finance, Automation machinery and other industries.

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Product Description

YUSIN Small Adjustable-speed is a small volume, capacity, output power is generally in the hundreds of watts below, the use, performance and environmental conditions require a special class of gear motor.

Selection parameters:

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Main features

1. Ultra low noise

(1) The use of high-precision rollers and AAA high-grade rollers to process high-precision spiral gears, accuracy up to IT5-6;

(2) Precision CNC processing, centrity, position accuracy up to IT6 level;

(3) The four corners of the box adopt a high rigid structure in the form of a double column, even under high load conditions, the use is strong and non-deformation, vibration is small.

2. High sealing performance

The motor force supply is equipped with oil seal and O-ring to prevent the return of gearbox grease, resulting in damage to the aging of motor insulation.

3. High efficiency

(1) The use of a new type of stamping steel sheet mold design, high precision of iron core, good magnetic conductivity;

(2) Motor shape using a new thermal structure design, thermal fast, high efficiency, low temperature rise (in the installation of a reducer or the same heat plate, and at room temperature / humidity rated operation, the resistance law to determine the temperature of its coil appreciation of less than 80 degrees C, three-phase type below 70 degrees C).

4. High reliability

The use of H-grade paint coating wire and insulation materials, large safety balance.

5. Good characteristics

Motor characteristics optimization design, S-T (speed-torque) characteristics optimized, suitable for a variety of operating environments.

6. Easy to install

The output shaft bearing is embedded to cancel the gearbox boss, which can be installed directly close to the mounting surface, eliminating the need for large holes in the processing mounting surface.

7. Abundant models

(1) Power: 6-180W, models, as well as standard, right-angle hollow, right-angle real gearbox;

(2) Equipped with a powerful regulator and electronic brakes, panel and DIN built-in variety, but also supplemented by right-angle mounting feet, elastic couplings, convenient for customers to choose, and truly realize one-stop purchase.

8. Super long life

(1) The gear material is made of high-level alloy steel containing tantalum and subjected to special heat treatment to ensure that the gear meter is hard and tough, and the teeth won’t be break down;

(2) The gearbox is fully equipped with ball bearings, filled with advanced nano-wear grease;

(3) Right-angle gearbox using Grayson arc tooth structure, transmission torque, carrying capacity of up to 2 to 3 times the general product, durable.

9. Safe and beautiful

After a special process of surface re-spraying powder for coffee color, more elaborate, economic.

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