GH32-Horizontal geared motor

GH32 horizontal geared motor is the defined name of the integration of two independent machines, the motor and the reducer.

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GH-Horizontal gear motor

We provide lifetime maintenance-free gear reducer motors, CCC/CE certification, support OEM/ODM manufacturer customization, stable product performance, small size, no noise, light weight.We devoted ourselves to lighting many years,covering most of Europe and the Vietnam market. We are expecting become your long term partner in china......

Introduction of GH32 horizontal geared motor

The deceleration motor is the defined name of the two independent mechanical integration of the motor and the reducer. It is also called a gear deceleration motor. It uses n sets of gears with different numbers of teeth to reduce the output shaft speed of the motor to you through the gear set. The required speed is then output to the corresponding equipment by the output shaft. Usually equipped with a 4-pole electric motor.

Application industry of GH32 horizontal gear motor

Main applications: automatic laminating machine, packaging machinery, jigsaw machine, splicing machine, four-sided edge machine, Feida assembly line, conveyor line, logistics sorting line, PCB circuit board, cleaning machine, pipe bending machine, automatic opening Slot machines and other mechanical equipment industries.

Features and performance of Taiwan Wanxin/Dongguan YUSIN general standard gear reducer motor:

Time freeze: continuous
Insulation class:  F-class insulation
Number of poles: 4P (level 4)
Number of items:  three-phase AC motors, single-phase AC motors
Shell:   cast iron
Gear material: S45C (high frequency), SCM21 (carburizing), SCM4 (nitriding)
External structure: three-phase, 0.1KW-3.7KW, fully closed external fan; single-phase, 0.1KW-0.2KW closed external fan, 0.4KW-1.5KW fully closed external fan
Surrounding environment:  avoid corrosive, explosive gas, water vapor environment, should be placed in a dry and well-ventilated environment
Applicable environment:  temperature -5 ℃-40 ℃; humidity above 85%
Altitude: 1000 meters UNDER1000M
Junction box:  IP55 waterproof aluminum alloy junction box
Start mode: three-phase, direct start; single-phase, 0.1-0.2KW capacitor operation, 0.4-1.5KW capacitor start operation
Standards: International/National Standards IEC-34, CNS-10919ACCORDING TOIEC-34, CNS-10919
Output revolutions (4P): three-phase, 50HZ=1360~1430 revolutions; 60HZ=1640~1740 revolutions; single-phase, 50HZ=1340~1400 revolutions; 60HZ=1610~1720 revolutions



1. Q: The role of the geared motor
A: YUSIN geared motor increases the output torque and reduces the inertia of the load through deceleration.
2. Q: Can the speed of the geared motor be adjusted?
A: YUSIN geared motors can be adjusted by installing a frequency converter.
3. Q: The installation method of the geared motor
A: YUSIN geared motor is a one-piece installed motor, and there are two installation methods, horizontal or vertical.

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1. Imported high-precision production and testing equipment: products through CCC, CE, CSA and many other authoritative certification, stable performance, safe and reliable.

 GH-Horizontal gear motor

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 GH-Horizontal gear motor

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GH-Horizontal gear motorGH-Horizontal gear motor

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GH-Horizontal gear motor


5. One-year warranty: the long warranty period is the presentation of our product quality, but also our direct commitment to cooperate with you.


GH-Horizontal gear motor


6. Standby 24h

 GH-Horizontal gear motor

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