GH40-Horizontal gear reduction motor

GH40 horizontal gear reduction motor,horizontal foot installation,Output shaft: 40mm.

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Product Description

GH-Horizontal gear motor

Specification introduction of GH40 horizontal gear reduction motor

1. Installation structure: horizontal foot installation
2. Output shaft: 40mm
3. Motor power: 400W, 750W, 1500W, 2200W, 3700W
4. Gear ratio: 3~1800rpm
5. Motor selection: single-phase 110/220V, 50/60HZ 1-Phase
                      Three-phase 220/380V, 50/60HZ 3-Phase
6. Optional accessories: brake

 gear reduction motor

Application industry of GH40 horizontal gear reduction motor

Horizontal gear reduction motor are used in the following industries: Fully automatic paper laminating machine, packaging machinery, box splicing machine, four-sided breading machine, Feida assembly line, conveyor line, logistics sorting line, die-casting machine pick-up machine, PPG thickness gauge and other machinery and equipment industries.

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1. Imported high-precision production and testing equipment: products through CCC, CE, CSA and many other authoritative certification, stable performance, safe and reliable.

 GH-Horizontal gear motor

2. Factory direct sale. Order can be loaded within 3 working days: Taiwan, Kunshan, Dongguan each set up factories, can be near the production of goods, 1 to 3 days can be received (except in individual regions).

 GH-Horizontal gear motor

3. Industry well-known brands, nearly 20 years of professional production experience: Taiwan-funded enterprises pearl river delta super 85% automatic machinery and equipment gear deceleration motor manufacturers.

GH-Horizontal gear motorGH-Horizontal gear motor

4. All series of product models are complete, accept special customizable: all accessories warehouse management, a large number of spot, to meet the needs of assembly, maintenance at any time.


GH-Horizontal gear motor


5. One-year warranty: the long warranty period is the presentation of our product quality, but also our direct commitment to cooperate with you.


GH-Horizontal gear motor


6. Standby 24h

 GH-Horizontal gear motor


1. Q: The role of the geared motor
A: YUSIN gear reduction motor increases the output torque and reduces the inertia of the load through deceleration.
2. Q: Can the speed of the geared motor be adjusted?
A: YUSIN gear reduction motor can be adjusted by installing a frequency converter.
3. Q: The installation method of the gear reduction motor
A: YUSIN geared motor is a one-piece installed motor, and there are two installation methods, horizontal or vertical.

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