Ac speed regulating motor and gear reduction motor

Ac speed regulating motor and gear reduction motor

Sat Apr 22 15:30:23 CST 2023

The difference between AC motor and DC motor

Ac motor and DC motor compared, there is no converter, so the structure is simple, convenient manufacturing, more firm. Suitable for conveying line, packaging machine and other industries.

Ac speed regulating motor

The introduction of AC speed regulating motor

Ac speed-regulating motors and gear motors include single-phase speed-regulating motors using single-phase AC power and three-phase motors using three-phase AC power. A single-phase motor needs a capacitor connected to a single-phase power supply to run. Three-phase motors do not require capacitors, just connect the motor directly to the three-phase AC power supply.

Characteristics of Ac speed regulating motor

Speed change: constant speed or adjustable AC motor

Voltage: single or three phase

Accessories: Fan, electromagnetic brake, junction box


1. Q: Voltage of micro speed regulating motor

A: Single-phase: 110V/220V

    Three-phase: 220V/380V

2. Q: Can the speed of micro speed regulating motor be adjusted?

A: YUSIN speed regulating motor can be adjusted by installing frequency converter.

3. Q: Installation method of micro speed regulating motor

Answer: Under normal circumstances, YUSIN micro speed regulating motor is installed vertically. If it wants to be installed horizontally, it needs to be equipped with support.