Application fields of high speed motor

Application fields of high speed motor

Fri Sep 02 16:37:45 CST 2022

High-speed motors are usually defined as motors with speeds exceeding 10,000 r/min. High-speed motors are small in size, can be directly connected to high-speed loads, eliminate the need for traditional mechanical speed increase devices, reduce system noise and improve system transmission efficiency. Currently, induction motors, permanent magnet motors and switched reluctance motors are the main ones that have successfully achieved high speed.

The main characteristics of high-speed motors are high rotor speed, high stator winding current and flux frequency in the core, high power density and loss density. These characteristics determine the high-speed motor has different from the normal speed motor unique key technology and design methods, design and manufacturing difficulties are often exponentially greater than the normal speed motor.

Applications of high-speed motors.

(1) High-speed motors are used in various applications such as centrifugal compressors for air conditioners or refrigerators.

(2) With the development of hybrid vehicles in the automotive industry, small size and light weight high-speed generators will be given full attention and have good application prospects in the fields of hybrid vehicles, aviation, ships, etc.

(3) driven by the gas turbine high-speed generator small size, high mobility, can be used for some important facilities backup power, but also as an independent power supply or small power station, to make up for the lack of centralized power supply, has an important practical value.