Common faults and treatment methods of micro gear reduction motor

Common faults and treatment methods of micro gear reduction motor

Sat Oct 08 11:52:58 CST 2022

Common faults and treatment methods of micro gear reduction motor

1. Voltage does not match

Treatment: single-phase standard voltage of 220V, and confirm with the nameplate, the voltage is too high motor heating shaking, too low voltage running powerless.

2. Wiring errors, the main line and vice line position does not match

Treatment: the main line and the secondary junction will lead to motor powerlessness, the correct connection between the power supply and the motor, single-phase motor to correctly connect the capacitor.

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3. Poor contact

Treatment: Correctly connect the power supply and motor, single-phase motor should be correctly connected to the capacitor.

4. More than the rated load of the motor and gearbox

Treatment: Replace the motor and gearbox with higher torque.

5. The motor has been running for a period of time appear slow speed and powerlessness

Treatment: the motor may be overloaded, the temperature rise is too high, reducing the motor torque; motor seals are bad, resulting in gearbox grease into the motor, the motor increases resistance, manifesting as powerless, and long time running temperature rises, will burn the motor.

micro gear reduction motor

6. Capacitor capacity does not match

Treatment: Replace the capacitor with the same type.

7. Motor jamming machine processing methods:

rust reaction to the paint rust bearing jamming, motor use environment dust will also lead to bearing jamming, - replace the stator bearing, improve the use of the environment.

8. Gearbox jamming (with electromagnetic sound vibration)

Treatment: gearbox gears collapse teeth, broken shaft, bearing scattered will lead to gearbox jamming --- replace the gear bearing, it is recommended that customers choose high-power models.

9. Motor disconnection

Treatment: If the motor does not rotate sound, use a multimeter to detect, determine the abnormal contact our service personnel to deal with.

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10. Bearing dust, water

Treatment: check whether there are foreign objects in the motor, do inspection and removal, it is recommended that the use of dusty environment customers, dust-proof bearings can be used.

11. Man-made collision damage caused by motor jamming

Treatment: Advise to take lightly to avoid damage to the motor, equipment collision.