Definition of GH18 horizontal geared motor

Definition of GH18 horizontal geared motor

Wed Mar 29 15:16:01 CST 2023

Definition of GH18 horizontal geared motor

GH18 horizontal gear motor rated power 75W, gear ratio 3:1~3:50, output shaft diameter 18mm, refers to the integration of reducer and motor. This integrated body is also commonly referred to as a gear motor or geared motor.

Performance of GH18 horizontal geared motor

Model GH18-75-3~50S
Rated power Rated power
Output shaft 18mm

single-phase 110V, 50/60Hz/single-phase 220V, 50/60Hz

Three-phase 220V, 50/60Hz/Three-phase 380V, 50/60Hz

Transmission ratio 3:1/ 5:1/ 10:1/ 15:1/ 20:1/ 25:1/ 30:1/ 40:1/ 45:1/ 50:1
Shell material aluminum alloy
Applicable environment temperature -5°C-40°C; humidity greater than 85%.
Pole 4P

Gear motor application industry

GH18 horizontal geared motors are used in the deceleration and transmission mechanisms of various general mechanical equipment such as logistics conveyor lines, construction sites, chemicals, textiles, printing and dyeing, and office supplies.

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