High Pressure Air Blower performance introduction

High Pressure Air Blower performance introduction

Mon Sep 05 23:40:54 CST 2022

The high pressure fan is also called the vortex air pump, the air ring vacuum pump, the air ring compressor, the side flow blower, is a kind of blowing and inspiratory general blower.

High pressure air blower

High pressure blower performance:

Low noise: The motor runs directly, and the noise of the high pressure blower is improved by adding the integrated silencer facility, so as to reduce the noise.

High reliability: when the use of the situation changes, the machine can still run safely. Apart from the impeller, the high-pressure blower has no other action, so the reliability is relatively high.

Easy installation, fully equipped: can be installed and used at any time, for compressed air or for vacuum, can also be installed in the horizontal or vertical direction;

No oil and no pollution: when the impeller is rotating, it does not contact with other parts, no lubrication, so the pollution is small;

Low vibration: High pressure vortex fan mechanical precision is high, rotary parts are strictly balanced design, test, correction, so the vibration rate is very low;

Strong structure: the fan shell is made of aluminum alloy and milling alloy, which is different from the general fan with aluminum or iron shell, and more durable.

High pressure air blower

Characteristics of high pressure fan:

It has two functions of blowing and sucking, one machine can be used for both purposes, it can be used for blowing and sucking, and it can be used for blowing and sucking.

Power: 370 w ~ 18.5 KW

Features: dual use of blowing and suction, high pressure difference, large air volume

High pressure air blower

Various cutting beds, printing and paper mounting machines, woodworking machinery; air floating conveying and adsorption fixing processing; robot arm grasping and discharging, medical and dental equipment, cleaning and drying machines, laser equipment adsorption, material conveying equipment, aeration and oxygenation equipment, film cutting machine, wire and cable equipment, sewage treatment equipment and mask machine.

High pressure air blower