High pressure vacuum vortex fan, more air volume! The suction is stronger!

High pressure vacuum vortex fan, more air volume! The suction is stronger!

Fri Oct 07 13:49:56 CST 2022

Whirlwind fan: is a new type of air source generation equipment, the choice of high strength, fatigue-resistant high-quality aluminum alloy material as the main material, it has a compact structure, small volume and light weight, etc., whirlwind pump using a special motor direct connection type, without any variable speed mechanism, because of its simple structure, direct form of transmission, so it also has the advantages of low noise, energy consumption, stable performance, easy maintenance, etc., and the air source sent No water, no oil, low temperature rise, which is incomparable to other air source generation equipment.

High-pressure fans have the following characteristics.

1, with dual function of blowing and sucking, one machine can be used for two purposes, it can be used for sucking air and blowing air.

2、Oil less or oil-free operation, the output air is clean.

3、Compared to centrifugal fans and medium-pressure fans, its pressure is much higher, often more than ten times that of centrifugal fans.

4, if the pump body is a whole die-casting, and the use of anti-vibration mounting feet, then it is also very low requirements for the installation base, and can even operate normally without fixed feet, very convenient, but also very saving installation costs and installation cycle.

5、Relative to similar fans, its operation noise is low.

6, maintenance-free use; its wear and tear parts are only two bearings, within the warranty period, basically do not need maintenance.

7, high-pressure fan mechanical wear and tear is very small, because in addition to the bearing, no other mechanical contact parts, so, of course, the service life is also very long, as long as it is in normal use conditions, 3 to 5 years is no problem at all.

8, easy to install, easy to use!

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