The characteristics of variable frequency motor

The characteristics of variable frequency motor

Thu Dec 15 15:52:15 CST 2022

The frequency conversion speed regulation of the speed regulating motor is to change the frequency of the motor stator power supply, thereby changing the speed regulation method of its synchronous speed. The main equipment of the frequency conversion speed regulation system is the frequency converter that provides the variable frequency power supply. The frequency converter can be divided into two categories: AC-DC-AC frequency converter and AC-AC frequency converter. AC-DC-AC frequency converter is used in China.

Its features:

1. Alternate voltage and frequency;

2. The motor is matched with the gearbox to maintain a fixed speed, and the reduction ratio has a wide range of changes;

3. Easy to install.

Frequency conversion AC speed regulation motors are mostly installed in small light industrial machinery, packaging machinery, video machinery, printing machinery, production lines and other equipment.