What are the benefits of using a planetary reducer?

What are the benefits of using a planetary reducer?

Sat Nov 12 15:12:07 CST 2022

Planetary reducer is a kind of mechanical necessary to change the speed and output torque, planetary reducer as an important part of the mechanical transmission system, now, in all kinds of machinery can see the figure of planetary reducer, transportation industry, construction industry, machining and other fields, can see the reducer, so what are the benefits of using planetary reducer?

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Planetary gearbox benefits

1. The use of planetary reducer can effectively maintain the role of the motor, the operation of the reducer to accept a larger torque, overload transmission to the motor as long as the overload amount divided by the value of the reduction ratio.

2. Save the cost of use, if the motor directly by the motor may cause damage to the motor. In the overload is very large when the reducer will be damaged first, and the reducer only need to replace spare parts to restore the use of relatively low cost, if the motor directly damaged repair relatively slow, the cost is also high.

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3. Effectively reduce the rotational inertia, planetary reducer can timely control start-stop, variable speed. After the reducer increases the torque is also equivalent to increase the input power, can reduce the power required to input the motor (in the demand for speed regulation places), high-powered motors to be more expensive than low-powered motors, so the use of planetary reducer to increase the torque, from the surface to save procurement costs.

4. can effectively save energy, the use of planetary gearboxes so that the motor to meet the output torque current is reduced by a lot.

5. The use of planetary gearbox can effectively reduce the speed of the motor and increase the torque, and according to the motor to output the corresponding multiplication and reduction ratio.

6. effectively reduce the load inertia of the motor, the value of the inertia is the square value of the reduction ratio, different motor inertia value is different.