What are the characteristics of Planetary reducer?

What are the characteristics of Planetary reducer?

Fri Nov 25 15:51:15 CST 2022

Planetary reducer is a relatively common type of reducer, so what are the characteristics of planetary reducer?

Features of planetary reducer.

Light weight, small volume, large transmission ratio range, high efficiency, smooth operation, low noise, strong adaptability, high transmission accuracy, wide range of deceleration is a precision reducer, the reduction ratio of 0.1 rpm - 0.5 rpm. Can be used in cutting machine, pipe bender, bucket wheel, cement production line, grease processing, chemical fertilizer, power station, cement, glass and other industries.

Planetary reducer

Planetary reducer compared to ordinary reducer in terms of precision, performance quality, etc. have unparalleled advantages, so the use of servo planetary reducer in the servo motor with reducer and other fields has its need.