What are the common types of AC geared motors

What are the common types of AC geared motors

Sat Mar 11 11:25:43 CST 2023

What are the common types of AC geared motors?

Common types of AC geared motors include micro AC geared motors, medium-sized AC geared motors (geared motors or XiaoJinggang), large geared motors, planetary geared motors, and hardened geared motors (four series) and so on.

The AC geared motor is mainly used to reduce the speed and increase the torque. After deceleration, the output shaft reaches the mechanically ideal speed and torque. So that the machine can work normally. Divide mechanical energy into one, or combine many into one. Thereby changing the delivery mechanism to meet the job requirements. Each type of Yuxin AC geared motor is different, and the performance parameters are also different.

Yuxin AC deceleration motors are widely used in various automation machinery and equipment. The deceleration control device of the brake brake can be installed at the tail of the deceleration motor. When the power is turned on, the brake is locked, and the power is transmitted and controlled in the entire deceleration motor transmission system. The role of exercise. If precise control is required, the Yuxin AC geared motor can be equipped with an encoder, or can be used as a variable frequency motor.