What are the installation ways of speed reducer motor

What are the installation ways of speed reducer motor

Wed May 31 17:19:23 CST 2023

Speed reducer motor is a common mechanical device, which can be used to reduce the speed of high speed prime mover and increase the output torque. When installing a speed reducer motor, the following are some common ways:

1. Direct installation (GH horizontal installation)

This is the simplest installation mode, that is, directly install the speed reducer motor on the equipment that needs to be driven, and fix it by fixing bolts.

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2. Flange installation (GV vertical installation)

If more firm and stable installation is needed, flange installation can be used, that is, two flanges are used to connect the speed reducer motor to the equipment, and fixed by bolts.

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3, displacement installation

Displacement installation refers to the speed reducer motor installed on the side or bottom of the equipment, and connected with the drive shaft of the equipment through a coupling. This saves space and improves installation efficiency.

The difference between vertical reduction motor and horizontal reduction motor: the model is still the motor model, the difference is that the installation of the "horizontal and vertical" motor is different.For example, if the reduction motor is GH28-750-3S, GH indicates that the installation mode is horizontal. Use "GV" for vertical installation.

In short, when choosing speed reducer motor and installation methods, comprehensive consideration should be made according to specific needs to ensure that appropriate models and methods are selected and relevant installation specifications and standards are followed.