YUSIN Geared Motor For Automatic Paper Mounting Machine

YUSIN Geared Motor For Automatic Paper Mounting Machine

Wed Apr 19 11:42:15 CST 2023

Automatic Paper Mounting Machine is equipped with YUSIN Vertical geared motor

Automatic Paper Mounting Machine is driven by a Vertical geared motor; the upper and lower wide-gauge belts have a good paper pressing effect; the roller pressure adjustment adopts a weight-type raw hammer structure, which is simple and convenient; the speed is adjusted by frequency conversion to ensure that the paper is well bonded and dry smooth.
The geared motors all use frequency conversion speed regulation, which is safe and reliable, with low noise, simple operation and easy maintenance. Once a fault occurs, the man-machine interface can accurately display the fault location and eliminate it in time.

geared motor

Features of YUSIN geared motor

1. The Vertical geared motor is compact in structure, small in size, beautiful in appearance and strong in overload capacity.
2. The transmission ratio is finely graded, the selection range is wide, the speed spectrum is wide, and the range is i=2-28800.
3. Low energy consumption, superior performance, the efficiency of the reducer is as high as 96%, small vibration and low noise.
4. Strong versatility, easy to use and maintain, and low maintenance cost, especially for the production line, only a few internal transmission parts need to be spared to ensure the maintenance of the normal production of the entire line.
5. It adopts a new type of sealing device, which has good protection performance and strong adaptability to the environment, and can work continuously in harsh environments such as corrosion and humidity.


1. Q: The role of the geared motor
A: YUSIN geared motor increases the output torque and reduces the inertia of the load through deceleration.
2. Q: Can the speed of the geared motor be adjusted?
A: YUSIN geared motors can be adjusted by installing a frequency converter.
3. Q: The installation method of the geared motor
A: YUSIN speed motor is an all-in-one installation motor, with horizontal or vertical installation modes.