Yuxin YUSIN planetary reducer features

Yuxin YUSIN planetary reducer features

Wed Nov 09 15:05:02 CST 2022

Yuxin YUSIN Planetary Reducer Features:  

1. The overall design allows high speed input of the servo motor to achieve maximum high torque output.  

2ZPLF/ZPLE/ZF./ZE equal Angle design can save space, precision gear design and professional gear machining, to create low operating backbacklash, high efficiency, low noise and long life of planetary reducer.  

3. Motor power miniaturization, while improving the stability of inertia load and reducing the advantages of vibration.  

XF helical series planetary reducer has the characteristics of high precision, high rigidity, high load, high efficiency, high speed ratio, high life, low inertia, low vibration, low noise, low temperature rise, beautiful appearance, light structure, easy installation, accurate positioning and so on.  


Yuxin Electromechanical Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various kinds of reducer, series of high-precision XF helical reducer, economic PF straight tooth planetary reducer.  Precise positioning of the XD disc and YT rotating platform and so on.  


Scope of application:  

Robot, dividing machine, printing machine, mask machine, label machine, new energy, packaging machinery, die-casting machinery, food machinery, carton machine, paper mounting machine, conveying line, logistics sorting line, PCB circuit board, pipe bending machine, hardware machine, labeling machine, baler, lithium battery equipment, earth cover closing machine, environmental protection equipment, woodworking machinery, laser engraving, wire and cable, medical equipment, etc