Yusin L series miniature inverter

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Product Description

Yusin L series miniature inverter product features:


Embedded installation, simple and beautiful output frequency 0.1-800Hz can not be determined V/F curve

Output frequency 0.1 - 800Hz various display states freely switch rich external terminal function carrier frequency up to 12kHz

Automatic torque lift and automatic slip compensation

Full protection (overpressuring, underpressuring, overflow). Overload, short-circuit protection) built-in Modbus485 up to 115200bps

Single-phase asynchronous motors can be driven

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Dongguan YUSIN Electrical and Mechanical Co. , Ltd. specializes in all kinds of high-tech gearbox research and development and production, product quality, marketing all over. Production and sales manufacturers are located in the opening place of China's modern history, known as the "world factory", "Guangdong four tigers" called Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, the factory is located in convenient transportation, economy, science and technology professional thick street town Baiyu Industrial Zone, and China's famous town of Humen town as a neighbor, the superior geographical location makes the surrounding traffic in all places, less than 3 kilometers from Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao high-speed, and Dongguan Humen high-speed railway station adjacent.

The main products are precision planetary reducers, servo-specificplanetary gearboxes, hollow turntables, T-converters, etc., products with strong torque, low wear, low clearance, long life characteristics, is widely used in die-casting machinery, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, conveyor machinery, hardware machine tools, printing and packaging machinery, carton machinery, food machinery, carpentry machinery, wire and cable machinery and other automated machinery and equipment industry, exported to Southeast Asia and other regions.


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